About IEEE Switzerland

Member Benefits and Opportunities

In addition from the usual IEEE member benefits, IEEE Switzerland members may benefit from the following offers:

10% discount on training courses offered by SE-Training GmbH

IEEE Members are offered a 10% discount on the cross-functional engineering training courses offered by SE-Training GmbH.
The courses are given in Zürich by their team of Academic and Industrial experts in fields such as Acoustics, Design Thinking, Model-Based Systems Engineering and Configuration Management.
When contacting info@se-training.ch for a quote, please state your IEEE membership number to allow for verification.
See the training course details on https://www.se-training.net/en/.

Seminars and trainings courtesy of CADFEM (Suisse) AG

As last year, all of their trainings are offered online (more information on their website). In the second half of 2022, IEEE members can attend the following trainings for free:

Title Date Language of Presentation (training material in English)
Ansys Maxwell: Simulation of electromagnetic fields 30.11. – 02.12.2022 German
Ansys SPEOS: Simulation of Optical Systems 05.07.2022 German
29.11.2022 English
CFD simulations with Ansys Fluent 07.09. – 09.09.2022 English
05.10. – 07.10.2022 German
Design of Electric Machines with Motor-CAD 06.07. – 08.07.2022 German
16.11. – 18.11.2022 English
Explicit structural mechanics with Workbench LS-DYNA 23.08. – 25.08.2022 German
28.09. – 30.09.2022 French
Multibody Dynamics using Ansys Motion 18.10. – 19.10.2022 English
Particle simulation: DEM with ROCKY 04.10. – 05.10.2022 English
SIwave Training: Signal and Power Integrity of PCB Designs 22.09. – 23.09.2022 English
Sound Analysis & Design with Ansys 09.12.2022 English
Structural Mechanics Simulation with Ansys Mechanical 23.08. – 26.08.2022 French
05.09. – 08.09.2022 German
31.10. – 03.11.2022 German
12.12. – 15.12.2022 German
System Simulation with Ansys Twin Builder 10.11. – 11.11.2022 English


Terms and conditions:

  1. Only IEEE members working in companies based in Switzerland and Lichtenstein are granted free participation.
  2. CADFEM (Suisse) AG reserves the right to refuse interested people the participation in a seminar in individual cases.
  3. All information without guarantee, subject to change.

Event Funding Requests

For any external funding request to IEEE Switzerland Section this template should be used. The funding request initiators are kindly asked to fill this form in and submit it to the following address well in time for an upcoming ExCom meeting.

IEEE Switzerland Section
P.O. Box
3000 Bern

Due to our tradition, we can mention that we have 4 physical ExCom meetings per year, 1 in January, 1 in March/April before GA, 1 in June or September and 1 in December (dates for indication only). We additionally have a fifth meeting with our members which is the Annual General Assembly (normally in March/April).
This form must be submitted well in advance in order for us to vote physically (face-to-face) at one of our upcoming ExCom meetings. At these meetings, the comments and feedback can be easily made and will be in line with our by-laws about physical voting.


The new bylaws have been approved at the General Assembly 2017. They can be downloaded below.

These new bylaws are in line with our own requirements with respect to a proper legal form and protection, as well as IEEE legal guidelines.

Download Bylaws