A Word from the Chair

We welcome our long standing and new members.

IEEE in Switzerland comprises:

IEEE Switzerland section became 60 years old in December 2020, it is one of the four oldest sections in Region 8, Europe.

IEEE Switzerland runs events as a section and also sponsors chapter events.

The IEEE Switzerland section executive committee is interested in hearing from you about events you would like to attend or organize.

* Data retrieved on 22.06.2021, for a total number of 2’452 members. The individual gender percentages do not make up 100% as they are correlated to give closest value to positive integer number of people.”

The Annual General Assembly of the section was held online on 27.04.2021 14:00-17:00
We thank everyone for the participation.
The next ExCom meeting will take place in ENTER Museum in Solothurn, 1st December 3.30pm-7pm and will be also possible to attend online 4pm-5pm.


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