Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT)

IEEE SIGHT is a global network of IEEE volunteers, supported by local organizations and in collaboration with under-served communities, who leverage technology for sustainable development. It is structured as a sub-committee of the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC). Both IEEE members and non-IEEE members are welcome to join their local SIGHT groups.

SIGHT encourages its members to learn about sustainable development, build relationships within their local communities, and implement SIGHT group projects that utilize technology to tackle key problems within the community. Its ultimate objective is effectively developing sustainable solutions to make long term impacts on the lives of people around them.

IEEE SIGHT Switzerland was founded in April 2020. As a relatively new SIGHT group, we strive to address the key aspects of the UN SDGs, and align our best capacities to achieve these goals through prospective SIGHT projects. Our approach is fundamentally that of co-creation in, for, and with the local communities, who are positioned at the very centre of our projects on a need-based and value-driven ground. Our vision is to bring substantive positive forces for change to the local communities we work with, enabling and empowering them through the potential power of humanitarian technology.

We warmly welcome project initiatives and proposals within the IEEE HAC/SIGHT framework. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from and working with you!

Dr. Ning Wang

Founding Chair

IEEE SIGHT Switzerland


Brocher Foundation, August 2021, Switzerland

ICRC DigitHarium, April 2021, Switzerland

IEEE SSIT Lecture Series, April 2021, Ireland

Reatch NanoTalks, June 2020, Switzerland

Framework for the Ethical Assessment of Humanitarian Drones (FEAHD)

ICRC DigitHarium, April 2021

IEEE SSIT Lecture Series, April 2021

Reatch NanoTalks, June 2020