Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) Chapter

Switzerland has a long history in the development of sub-threshold and ultra-low power CMOS Circuits. 1971 marks the end of the heroic CMOS period, dedicated to circuitry for analog watches and as a byproduct for analog electronics clocks. The field of low power CMOS design continued in Switzerland for battery operated devices, such as the computer mouse, andbmore complex chips,
where the display driver functions were integrated with the timekeeping. Driven by the Smartphone portable computing revolution all major chip makers joined the effort to build Energy efficient Systems On Chip (SoC).

Our chapter want to give the floor to international and local research while arranging and supporting events such as :

  1. Technical meetings > seminar, workshops, and conferences.
  2. Society professional events that bridge industry and academics on professional topics.
  3. Society Award and recognition, to ensure the members devellopment.

Our Society field of research is the fabricated integrated circuit designs and focus on the theory and implementation of circuits and systems.

Solid State Circuit Society in Switzerland, is composed of 165 members, which represent about 6% of the section.
The people location are relatively balanced between the Romandie (45%) and German part (53%) of Switzerland.
There is a strong basis of members and about 20% are Higher grade members (Life Fellow, Fellow, Life Senior, Senior and Life members).
Members are from both the academia (35%) and the industry (65%).


Taekwang Jang

Vice Chair

Michel Bron


Mathieu Coustans

Industrial Relations Coordinator

Domenico Pepe

We volunteer to bring you a good experience with our events.

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