Past News

2014 General Assembly of the IEEE was held on Wednesday March 26

Date: 26 Mar 2014
: digitalStrom AG, Brandstrasse 33, CH-8952 Schlieren ZH (

The GA was followed by talks, a company tour with demonstrations and a dinner

Counselor of the EPFL student branch won IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor Award for the year 2013

Wladek Grabinski, counselor of the EPFL Sudent Branch, has recently won the IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor Award for the year 2013.
Here's the information on the IEEE website:

IEEE General Assembly was held on Thursday May 30st, 2013

The minutes of the 2013 General Assembly can be downloaded here.

On May 30, 2013 the Swiss Section of IEEE held his annual general assembly and following new officers were elected:Prof. Dr. Volker Koch (Chair), Mr. Andreas Koschak (Vice-Chair), Dr. Maria-Alexandra Paun (Secretary). See some pictures on the event.

After 10 years IEEE is coming back to Neuchâtel, the place where the first Swiss IEEE Historical Milestone was celebrated during the Expo.02 time. The bronze plaque commemorating the pioneering work on the quartz wristwatch back in 1962-1967 is now displayed on the building of CSEM on the Observatory Hill. During the meeting Prof. Dr. Nico de Rooij, IEEE Fellow and Chair of CSEM Scientific Board, gave a short presentation of the work done in Neuchâtel in the field of MEMS (micro electromechanical systems): these devices are now mass-produced and built in as accelerometers and gyros in many electronic consumer goods, like smartphones and game consoles. The IEEE meeting, attended by 50 members, was followed by a full room (110 participants) CSEM Event, dedicated to the status of photovoltaics in Switzerland and more particulary on the cluster of R&D and manufacturing firms in the Neuchâtel region. CSEM is building up a photovoltaics technology development and transfer center, which will work closely with the local EPFL laboratories, which will relocate into the new Microcity buildings by the end of 2013. The transition from R&D to production and sales in the field of photovoltaics is approaching a critical stage, since the famous "grid parity" for grid connected photovoltaic panels is approaching very fast: the inroads from chinese PV panel manufacturers into the European market has reduced the Watt peak price to 0.65 Euro A lively panel discussion moderated by Clément Charles followed the presentations and showed that the road for integration of photovoltaics into the swiss electric power grid is filled with challenges, once nuclear power will be switched off. As a special memo, all the speakers at the event received form IEEE Switzerland a vintage IEEE Milestone Swatch, specially edited in Neuchâtel on Sept.28, 2002.

For more info contact:

  • CSEM: Prof. Christophe Ballif Division Head PV Center Tel: + 41 32 718 33 36+ 41 32 718 33 36  Fax: + 41 32 718 32 01 email:
  • IEEE; Switzerland Hugo Wyss Tel: +41 79 837 83 47+41 79 837 83 47  email:

IEEE Fellows 2013

Several IEEE members were made fellows in 2013:

  •     Jan Camenisch (IBM Research)
  •     Paul Murault (EPFL)
  •     Lucio Rossi (CERN)

We congratulate them on their achievements.

IEEE Fellows 2011

Several IEEE members were made fellows in 2011:

  • Klaus-Peter Brand
  • Guzzella Lino
  • Nelson Bradley
  • Niels Kuster

We congratulate them on their achievements.