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ExCom Meeting

June 15 @ 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

ExCom meeting. Meeting minutes from last meeting will be sent out later. Agenda: – Acceptance of the Agenda of the current meeting (All) – Acceptance of the Minutes of the last ExCom meeting (All) – Date, time and location of the next ExCom meeting (All) – Salvan Milestone for GA 2021 (Hugo Wyss, all) – Celebrating IEEE Day 2021 Planning (Marco Giardina) – Senior IEEE Members: Referee System for Applicants (Thomas Hanselmann, all) – Mr Thomas Bier would like to find some Referees to proceed with his application. CV appended if someone would already support him. – Saša Ćuković, has the same quesition – IEEE NextGen Banking (Thomas Hanselmann, all) – Roger Brooks was inquiring instead of NetSuite to use GnuCash. However, NetSuite is outfaced and is in the process to be replaced by NextGen Banking. – Search for new Awards Coordinator – Reports from Chapters – Reports from Affinity groups (YP, WiE, Life Members) and groups (SIGHT/blockchain) – Reports from officers (topics not listed above) – Chair (Thomas Hanselmann) – Vice Chair (Luca Dalessandro) – Treasurer (Mathieu Coustans) – Secretary (Alexis Ponchon) – Educational activities (Urs Röthlisberger) – Student activities (Andi Loeliger) – Awards proposals (vacant) – Membership development (Andreas Döring) – Industrial relations (Heinz Mathis) – Life member activities (Hugo Wyss) – Webmaster (Patroklos Anagnostou) – Public relations (Marco Giardina) – Any other business (all) Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/272367