On the morning Nov.30, 2023 the Switzerland IEEE Section was invited with many other sponsors to attend the Grand Opening of the new premises of the ENTER TechWorld Museum close to Solothurn, www.enter.ch with a celebration led by the Founder of the Museum, Mr. Felix Kunz, who started and developed the successful embedded systems manufacturer Digital Logic AG twenty five years ago.

The activity of the Museum, already described in https://spectrum.ieee.org/switzerlands-museum-of-consumer-electronics will be greatly expanded and many LMs from Switzerland Section will contribute to preservation and documentation of new historical electronics artifacts.

In the afternoon of the same day the Switzerland LMAG organized a meeting on electronics history in Switzerland, where the invited keynote speaker Dr.Martin Bastiaans , Reg.8 History Committee Coordinator, presented a review of Reg.8 history with specific mentions to the contributions of the Switzerland Section. Both Reg.8 and the former “Geneva” Section (to became later in 1967 Switzerland Section) arose from the AIEE/IRE merger in 1963 and were conveniently located in Geneva because of the hosting presence of ITU headquarters there.